THURSDAY NIGHT, June 22: RECEPTION for participants and their guests AT THE IRISH HEATHER 6-8 PM


 A big thank you to the Irish Heather Pub which is hosting a reception on Thursday night for participants and their guests, including complimentary food and drinks! Dinner is available for purchase as well. For transportation, your best options are walking or cab; public transport is a bit complicated. Instructions below:

 WALKING (3.2 KM; Google Maps says 40 minutes): Meet up with the “walking bus” outside the hotel at 5:15. Our student RA, Brian Shannon, will lead the walk.

If you want to walk on your own, here is a suggested route:

Head southeast of Comox toward Bidwell Street.  (250 m. )

Turn left onto Cardero St./Cardero bikeway (350 m)

Turn right on W. Hastings (400 m.)

Turn left onto Jervis St.  (97 m)

Turn right onto W. Cordova St. (1.2 km)

Turn left at Homer St. (75 m.)

Turn right onto Cambie St. (12 m.)

Turn left onto Blood Alley (350 m)

Turn right onto Carrall St. (9 m.)

Destination is on left.

CAB: You can call for a cab at the front desk of the Coast Plaza Hotel. A cab will cost about $18.00 including a tip. Time will be around 25 minutes, depending on traffic.

CAR:  Probably best to use your phone or other mapping device to get up to date traffic information that can help you find the best route. The downtown area is pretty busy and there are frequent road closures.

 PUBLIC TRANSPORT BY BUS (involves one transfer and a .5 km walk; approximately 27 minutes): For details, see translink’s website at:

Adult Fare: $2.10, but you will need to purchase a COMPASS CARD to take the bus (available at local convenience stores or skytrain stations)

Here is the recommended route:

5:38pm to 6:05pm with 1 transfer

    Leaving at: 5:38pm from EB DAVIE ST FS DENMAN ST
    Arriving at: 5:49pm at EB DAVIE ST FS GRANVILLE ST
  2. Transfer to 4 POWELL
    Leaving at: 5:55pm from NB GRANVILLE ST FS DAVIE ST
    Arriving at: 6:05pm at EB E CORDOVA ST FS CARRALL ST